Energy Work

Developing yourself holistically

It is my personal concern to accompany clients holistically. We, as humans, are on our journey with mind, heart and hands, constantly interconnecting the areas of thinking, feeling and wanting. As a coach, I cannot artificially separate what belongs together: How can I, together with my client, not only focus on the mind, but include the body, the emotions and the soul in the process of change? How does this influence the work with people, teams and organizations?

After an intensive training phase I now offer ENERGY WORK.

The basics of working with energy

Healing methods like Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, the Indian tradition of Ayurveda, or Hinduism’s Chakra system are  all based on the assumption, that our physical body, our feelings and our spirit are made up of energy and awareness of energy, and also exude energy.

The human energy field saturates and surrounds our physical body and stores information that influences our being and our behavior. Feelings, patterns of reactions and belief systems are stored therein, and are directly connected to our well-being and our health. If we block parts of our energy field, we inherently block a part of our life force.

We are in contact with our surroundings via our life force, and it plays an important role in communicating with our fellow humans. The experience, that even the first encounter with some people can make us feel instinctively comfortable and relaxed, or on the other hand, can cause us disquiet, is an example of the communication between human energy fields.

We long to restore the natural flow of the energy within our bodies. ENERGY WORK supports this with a combination of touch techniques, talks before, during and after the treatment, as well as body exercises. Via anamnesis, discussion, and energetic perception, the client starts seeing possible causes for physical and emotional symptoms. The practitioner creates a secure, supportive atmosphere and helps the client become aware of blockages. The clients are involved in the work and are led towards their individual responsibility and their freedom of choice with attentiveness and respect. The session takes place fully clothed, either seated, standing, or lying on a massage table.


Personal Energy Work


Holistic discussions / process supervision with incorporation of body perceptions, emotions and the soul. Among others techniques from body-oriented psychotherapy are applied. And since life neither takes place in the past nor in the future, our focus lies on the here and now.


Energetic body work while lying, standing or sitting. We work with breath, posture and body perception, partly with my hands on the body or in the outer energy field. This can help you bring awareness to blocked areas and thus aid you in releasing these blockages and bringing your whole system back into the flow.

As a Brennan Integration Practitioner ® I am happy to make you acquainted with this powerful work and will answer any further questions you may have.

Corporate Energy Work

Group Energy Work

It is undisputed that the characteristics of the individual are also valid in the group. That is why these new techniques also influence my work with teams and organizations. I am happy to discuss any specific questions you may have about this.

Brennan Healing Science ®

I completed a six year training as Brennan Integration Practitioner®. Brennan Healing Science® (BHS) assumes that humans are multidimensional beings – consisting of body, mind, emotion and soul. BHS is a gentle and powerful energetic method that, with its multifaceted techniques, supports you in exploring your potential and releasing blockades. BHS encourages self perception, aids many people in improving their quality of life, and aims to activate your capacity for self healing.

BHS can be described as a body-oriented psycho-spiritual consciousness work. BHS was developed by the American physicist and therapist Barbara Ann Brennan, who spent a long time studying the human energy field. She connects findings on energetic processes with psychodynamics to show how the energy field is constantly changing and influencing the body. Building on this, she developed techniques that influence the energy field in a positive way. The so-called energy work includes – besides psychological aspects – other approaches such as the Bioenergetics of Alexander Lowen, the Core-Energetics of John Pierrakos, the Pathwork of Eva Pierrakos as well as various relaxation and meditation techniques, like e.g. those of John Kabat-Zinn.