sailing (power break)

Your life evolves dinamically from moment to moment. We leave the every-day environment and experiment on the water with the complexity and the uncontrollable changes during sailing. You will gain helpful insights and metaphors for your challenges at home.

Recharge and refocus on the lake

We will meet in Oberhofen at the lake of Thun, we tune into your actual challenges and issues during our walk through the park of the castle and then sail together on a 9-meter-long sailing yacht „Flickflauder“ (a dragon sailboat) on the Thunersee.
You will experience first hand – whether you are a beginner or an adept – the beauty, as well as the complexity of the natural forces and their metaphores. This dynamic will challenge your body and mind and will provide deep relaxation. You will return to your everyday life with a whole new clarity as well as inner strength and calmness.
Appointments usually in the afternoon or in the evening (starting at 1 pm or 5 pm from April till October only).