Coaching by sailing

We can evolve holistically by involving the whole body in our own process of change. I offer this dynamic possibility to help you better understand your body in complex situations and use it as a tool for your advancement.

Sail half a day on Lake Thun

Let yourself be extricated from your accustomed daily structures and taken out onto the water. We sail together on a 9-meter-long sailing yacht „Flickflauder“ (a dragon sailboat) on the Thunersee while having our coaching talk. You will experience first hand – whether you are a beginner or an adept – the beauty, as well as the complexity of the natural forces and their metaphores. This dynamic will challenge your body and mind and will provide deep relaxation. You will return to your everyday life with a whole new clarity as well as inner strength and calmness.
Appointments usually weekly in the afternoon or in the evening (only from April till October).