Urs Limacher Koechlin, 1963

I am fascinated by people.
I like it open, straightforward and clear.
My partner and my patchwork family mean a lot to me.
Music, sailing, cinema, handcraft, the sea and the mountains are my balance.

On the search for holistic approaches, my study of business administration was followed constantly by further vocational training and reorientation.
The path of my life presented me with a host of life experiences and a healthy sense of pragmatism.

Clients appreciate my extensive experience from working as a banker, BSc Business Administration, chartered accountant, management consultant, board of administration member, lecturer, coach and Brennan Integration Practitioner®.


Since 2004, I accompany my clients as the owner of urfocus GmbH.
In German, the syllable UR stands for inherent primordial power, all living entities grow holistically from the inside to the outside.
The FOCUS lies on awareness of resources and tiny steps toward the direction of a desired change, as well as an appreciative tenor for the holistic existence with other people.


„That’s a way to see it and there is also another way to see it.“ Insoo Kim Berg
Exchanges with people are the core of my work. Networks are sources of my inspiration.


Since my training in „solution-focused brief coaching“ for individuals and teams with Dr. Peter Szabo (solutionsurfers) in 1999, the focus has shifted to solutions and resources for basic life attitudes. Further training with coaching personalities also provided lasting inspiration. Especially noteworthy are Insoo Kim Berg (BFTC Solutionfocus, Milwaukee USA), Chris Iveson (Brief Coaching, London UK), Sonja Radatz (Relational approach, Vienna Austria), Ben Furman (Reteaming, Helsinki Finland) and W. Timothy Galway (Inner game, New York USA).


As a solution-focused trainer, I spent several years empowering young as well as experienced coaches and managers at solutionsurfers.ch. The educational DVD tool C-BOX contains the DVD „Präsenz und Leichtigkeit im Coaching“. DER STEIN DES ANSTOSSES, a live coaching trailer with myself as coach, provides a glimpse into a short-time coaching.


I receive powerful impulses from the international coach network SOLworld: I regularly exchange thoughts and opinions with several friends, while others I meet sporadically at the yearly conferences.

International Coaching Federation

The certification as Professional Certified Coach PCC of the International Coaching Federation ICF in 2006 was a milestone in my coaching work. This association makes a sustained effort for promoting international quality assurance in the coaching business. A long-time member since 2006, I decided to leave the federation in 2017 in order to focus on my holistic practices.

Brennan Healing Science

My training to become a Brennan Integration Practitioner ® led to countless friendships all over the world. The original wish for personal development expanded into the desire to make holistic methods available for my clients. At the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe I completed the four year training to be a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner® as well as the two year advanced studies to become a Brennan Integration Practitioner®. My studies from 2009 to 2015 comprised a total of 30 course weeks of 5 to 6 days each, an anatomy course, constant practical work with clients, the written and oral presentation of a case study, as well as a final thesis and final exams.
Brennan Healing Science was developed by the American physicist and therapist Barbara Ann Brennan. She combines findings on energetic processes with psychodynamics and shows how the human energy field constantly changes and affects the body. Apart from psychological aspects, the work also takes into account approaches ranging from the Bioenergetics of Alexander Lowen, Core-Energetics of John Pierrakos, Pathwork of Eva Pierrakos, as well as various relaxation and meditation techniques, like e.g. those of  John Kabat-Zinn.  Further information can be found at the Swiss Association of Brennan Healing Science Practitioners.


During the „Advanced Studies of Brennan Integration Work“ the network „Spirit of Ubuntu“ was born, which allows around 35 like-minded people to exchange their thoughts during one whole week three times a year. The word UBUNTU denotes an African life philosophy and in the Bantu language of the Zulu has the following meanings: „humanity“, „altruism“, „public spirit“ as well as the experience and the awareness, that one is part of a whole („I am because of you“).


Since my studies I have been an avid yachtsman, following the call of the water regularly. I own  inland waters and open sea sailing permits and have contacts to the Segelschule Hilterfingen on the Thunersee. Since 2014 I combine sailing and coaching and inspire clients on the water with metaphores and the dynamics of the forces of nature.


From 2015 till 2018 I enjoyed the training to become an Esalen Practitioner. This massage is also called the „lost art of the touch“, this full-body massage consists of light, flowing stroking motions across the entire length of the body, passive joint movements, as well as deep structural work on muscles and joints. This integrates elements from different movements in the area of body work, such as Trager®, Rolfing®, Feldenkreis, craniosacral therapy, deep tissue work, polarity and acupressure.

The effects, so far, of this training on my holistic being are huge. With regard to my holistic approach I offer this massage as an additional service for clients in my practice at the river Rhein.